Stump Grinder Tree Stump Removal

The Stump Grinder, Your Best Choice

Stump Grinder used to remove a tree stumpWhen it comes to tree stump removal the stump grinder wins hands down.  There’s a number of reasons to choose stump grinding as your choice to rid your lawn of those unwanted tree stumps.  Fairbanks Stump Grinders is a complete tree service offering a multitude of various tree removal services but we only offer stump grinding as an option for tree stump removal. Here’s the reason.  Comparably, stump grinding is the fastest, most economical, and ecologically sound option to removing tree stumps.  If you stop and think of the other options for a moment you can see where we’re coming from. As it was stated in our post, the cost to stump grind, the other methods can cost more, ruin your surrounding lawn or take a great deal of chemicals and time.  There’s no question the stump grinder is the best option.  Here’s a quick breakdown when you use Fairbanks Stump Grinders to remove your tree stumps:


Tree stump removal in Fairbanks Ak

Once the stump has been removed, we fill the dirt back in.

  • Tree stumps are removed the same day (average yard).
  • Your landscaping can begin as soon as we are done.
  • Our Stump Grinder will fit through any 36″ gate or opening to your yard.
  • Minimum impact to your existing lawn.  In most cases, no impact at all.
  • Once your stump is ground you’re left with nothing but a filled in dirt area.
  • Stump Grinding is fast, simple, and clean!

All Stump Grinders are not Created Equal

It’s important to know that all stump grinders are not the same.  Fairbanks Stump Grinders has taken the time to research the various stump grinding machines available to ensure we have the best tree stump removal equipment for a few different reasons.  Big is better!  Our Stump Grinders have  66 hp motors and deliver an astounding 60 hp to the stump grinder cutting blade giving us the power to get any job done.  This means we can grind a tree stump in a matter of minutes compared to the competition taking hours.  The reason we chose the stump grinders we have in our fleet is so we spend less time grinding stumps, but also so our customers will spend less money using our stump grinding services. Faster completion=lower cost. For this reason alone, Fairbanks Stump Grinders has over 100 satisfied customers and that number continues to grow.

The Stump Grinder Guarantee

When you choose Fairbanks Stump Grinders for your tree stump removal, you’re choosing the most professional tree service company in the Fairbanks area.  We pride ourselves on being the best in customer service and providing the best stump grinding service you could expect to receive.   Fairbanks Stump Grinders does a complete and thorough job, more than an other brand, operator or business in the tree service industry in Alaska. Tree stumps removed by us will not return, ever!  If they do return as a result of the stump, we will come back and grind it again, for free. If you have an unwanted stump or two, give us a call or contact us through our website.  We are happy to be at your service, and remember, we offer free estimates to all our customers.