Stump Grinder Equipment

Stump Grinder removing a tree stumpThe Stump Grinder

The stump grinder is an amazing piece of equipment, especially when you think about the alternative choices to tree stump removal.  Burning, pulling, and chemicals are either time consuming, messy, or even a hazardous form of tree stump removal compared to the ease the stump grinder makes of tree stumps.  Fairbanks Stump Grinders selected one of the biggest and best models of stump grinders on the market.  The reason was a simple one, bigger means more horse power, and that means the job gets done faster.  Tree stump removal should not cause your yard to look like a disaster to have a stump or two removed.  Stump grinders can get in and out of a 36 in opening and maneuver around without causing serious damage to your yard.  After all, the whole point of removing a tree stump is to improve your yard, not destroy it.

Stump Grinder Models

Fairbanks Stump Grinders has 3 different stump grinders in its fleet. We have a medium sized manual controlled stump grinder, which was our first stump grinder we purchased.  The manual controlled stump grinder has a bit less HP than our bigger model but still is a very efficient machine. Our remote controlled stump grinder has 66 hp with 60 of it going to the grinder.  This machine is the biggest in the Fairbanks area. Last but not least Fairbanks Stump Grinders has a portable grinder to reach those impossible locations.  Hill sides, under porches or structures and many other spots.  Fairbanks Stump Grinders has a stump grinder for most any tree stump removal job imaginable.  If you are in need of one of these tree stump removal beasts then contact us for a free estimate.

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